Heat Pumps and Solar Heating

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Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps are the ultimate way to heat a pool and also extend your swimming season by months. There are summer models as well as winter models. The summer models allow for an extra month or 2 of swimming in the year, where as the winter units have anti-freeze devices which keep the unit on standby and ready for action whenever the temperature drops by 1 degree. These machines are very reliable and can run trouble free for up to 15 years with minimal maintenance. Order yours now!!

Solar Heating Panels

We install well known brands of solar panels which all carry good manufacturer's warranties.

Raise your pool's temperature by 3 or 4 degrees this summer and make swimming a more pleasant experience for the whole family.
A swimming pool solar panel is made up of a series of thin black tubes running parallel to one another with header pipes at opposite ends where the thin tubes congregate.

Solar panels are connected in series and should be installed in direct sunlight in order to get maximum efficiency when heating one?s pool. The minimum coverage needed to raise the temperature of any pool is 60% of the total surface area of the swimming pool. Anything less than 60% coverage will result in no temperature increase whatsoever whereas more than 60% coverage will drastically improve the heating capability of the solar panels and therefore the water temperature will be greatly increased.

A solar blanket is vital in retaining the increased water temperature as the solar panels rely entirely on the strength and availability of sunlight to heat the water, therefore, the solar blanket is necessary to maintain the required temperature.

Heat pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Solar Heating Panels

Swimming Pool Solar Heating Panels