Marbelite Swimming Pools

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The majority of swimming pools in South Africa are lined with marbelite although fibreglass linings are becoming more popular every year.

Marblite is comprised mainly of white cement and powdered marble. The white cement is a waterproofing agent and the marble powder is granular and provides the hardness of the marbelite.

Marbelite is typically white or sky blue but can be found in a wide range of colours ranging from charcoal and cobalt blue to light green. The different manufacturers offer different colours but generally speaking they offer a similar range. The bags of coloured/pigmented marbelite plaster cost more than the plain white and for this reason a standard base price would be quoted for white marblite and then different prices for the different colours.

Marblite, due to its grainy texture, can stain quite easily and for this reason fibreglass is becoming increasingly more popular. The reason being that algae grows into the marblite lining and these roots cannot be removed once the algae has manifested itself. Algaecides kill the algae on the surface but the roots remain embedded in the marblite structure and this results in staining.

Most "wonder" chemicals unfortunately contain copper and this is another easy way to pick up stains in one's marbelite. Any powdered or granular pool chemicals containing blue granules will contain copper. It's much safer to stick to plain old granular chlorine or floaters/month mates than to use "wonder" chemicals that claim to keep your pool "clear and blue for weeks". Even a blue coloured marbelite pool can become stained with copper and it totally messes up the look of the pool.

Metals in general are very bad for marbelite swimming pools and for this reason borehole water is a big no-no. Borehole water usually contains iron and other metals including copper, and these metals deposit in the pores on the surface of the marblite and they are impossible to remove thus the marblite becomes stained.

Marblite is great as long as your pool maintenance is done regularly and no algae forms, and you don't use "wonder" chemicals and borehole water. If you live on a farm where borehole water is the only source of water with which to fill your pool then you should rather go for fibreglass.

Marbelite Swimming Pool by Rhino Pools

Marbelite Splash Pool in charcoal by Rhino Pools

Marbelite Swimming Pool with designer rimflow by Rhino Pools

Marbelite Swimming Pool with designer rimflow by Rhino Pools

Marbelite Swimming Pool with martini seat by Rhino Pools