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  • How does the quoting work?

    Our system was custom built for swimming pools so that anyone in South Africa can generate an estimate for the repairs to or the renovation of their pool. This estimate is completely FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to accept anything. The quotation that is submitted is only a cost estimate so it will not be an accurate, finalized quotation. Only once a pool contractor has been ASKED BY THE CLIENT to go and finalize will the quotation be finalized and EVEN THEN it will still only be a quotation.

  • How can a quotation be done without the pool being viewed or inspected?

    Our system has built in costing sheets based on 21 years of experience in the pool industry and they have been fine tuned to be as accurate as possible based on the pool size. In fact, as long as the client completing the online cost estimate contact form enters accurate measurements for his/her pool, the quotation will be accurate. Along with 3 – 5 pics of the pool and specifically some pics of the steps we can get a very good idea as to the condition of the pool, etc.

  • Can I view the quotation / cost estimate without submitting it?

    Yes, definitely. The quotation / cost estimate will load on your screen like magic and then you’ll have the option to either submit it by clicking on the button that says “Send me a copy” or you can reject it by clicking on “No thanks”. If you request a copy, it will be emailed to you within a few short minutes then you’ll have it for your records and you can then compare it to other quotations to see if other contractors are ripping you off or underquoting in which case they might not be able to finish the job and then disappear.

  • How reliable is this service?

    The online system relies on a stable internet connection and since you’ll also be loading images (pics of your swimming pool) it also requires a fairly strong internet connection. If possible, connect to your home or office wifi router but then you would need to have taken pics of the pool previously so that you can load them onto our system whilst completing the form. If you’re certain that there is strong mobile data internet reception at your swimming pool then do it on your smartphone or tablet. Our system works on absolutely any device!

  • What if I live in an area where no pool contractor is registered on this system?

    For now, only 1 swimming pool repair and renovations contractor is registered on our system (Rhino Pools in Pretoria) so only they can go and finalize quotations in their area but for the rest of South Africa this system is currently only available for comparison with other quotations so that the client can get an idea as to whether they are being ripped off or underquoted. Our costing sheets are extremely detailed and accurate, and we don’t load our materials prices, so we only work with the actual (true) cost of the materials, labour and travelling cost (AA rates) then we add profit based on a 35% profit margin. This would be the true, reasonable cost for any pool contractor in SA to charge their clients so if a contractor is charging more (or less), our cost estimate will be a reference point for the client to use in order to negotiate with the other contractors in terms of their pricing. Some contractors might charge R 20 000,00 more than our cost estimate, for example, in which case one can imagine they are potentially working with a 50% - 60% profit margin. As far as we’re concerned this would be considered as ripping people off.

  • How long will it take to receive the quotation / cost estimate?

    The document will be mailed to you immediately, but it can take anything between 5 and 20 minutes to arrive in your inbox. Please also check your spam or junkmail inboxes as the mails can also end up there. If the quotation does not load on your screen within about 30 seconds of having completed the form, it would mean that you lost connection with your router or mobile operator as this system relies on a stable internet connection.

  • How do I measure my pool if it is not square or rectangular?

    If you're pool is not regular shape (ie. bean shaped or just a weird shape)

    Step 1: Measure the two furthest points in terms of the length (this will be the average length)
    Step 2: Measure the furthest points in terms of the width (ie. the widest part if the pool)
    Step 3: Measure the circumference of the pool (start at the weir or any other specific point then go all the way around the pool and back to that same point)
    Step 4: Multiply the length (refer to step 1) by 2 (this will give you the 2 long sides in terms of a rectangular pool)
    Step 5: Subtract the above value (refer to step 4) from the circumference (refer to step 3)
    Step: 6: The remainder divided by 2 = the average width
    Step 7: You should now have the average length and width of the pool based on the above steps. If you imagine taking a piece of string as long as the circumference of the pool and you created a rectangle using this piece of string and you use the average length as the starting point, the short sides of the string rectangle will be the average width of your pool.

  • What if my pool is round or triangular?

    Firstly, DON’T FREAK OUT! This is fine! For a round pool measure the diameter of the pool (from one side to the other side across the middle) then divide this value by 2 to get the radius. Click on this link ( and enter the details as per the instructions on the page then you’ll get the surface area of the floor of your pool. Now use the diameter that you measured previously as the length and apply it to step 7 above then you will be able to get an idea of what the width of the pool would be if the pool was a rectangle (or a square for that matter). If your pool is a triangle, measure the 3 sides then click on this link ( to calculate the surface area of the floor of the pool. Using the length of the longest side of the pool as per your measurements, apply this to step 7 above then you will be able to get an idea of what the width of the pool would be if the pool was a rectangle.



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