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Re-lining of swimming pool

My marblited pool re-marblited

My marblite pool lined with fibreglass

My fibreglass lined pool re-fibreglassed

My fibreglass pool re-painted (with new mosaic cloth)

My prefabricated fibreglass shell lined with fibreglass

My prefabricated fibreglass shell re-painted (with new mosaic cloth)

Monthly Maintenance Cost

Structural work needed

New copings laid around the edge of the pool

New mosaic tiles laid around the edge of the pool and on the steps

New steps/martini seat built

Structural crack/s repaired

New items installed

New weir Installed

New Aimflow (Return) Jets Installed

New Pool Pump Installed

New Pool Filter Installed

New Distribution Board Installed

New Timer Installed

Salt chlorinator Installed

LED Pool Light Installed

Additional work/repairs needed

Mono leak detection using specialized pressure and gas detection equipment with tracer gas

Sand Change

Pool heating needed (New)

Heat Pump

Solar Panels

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